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Pole Dance Diva

Whether it is your first class, or you have prior Pole experience, Pole Dance Diva is designed to challenge and inspire. This class transforms the sultry, seductive moves of pole dancing into a full body workout. Focus is on simple choreography, including transitions, pole tricks, booty tricks and filler moves; guaranteed to work up a sweat.

Pole Fit & Flex! *New Class!*

Fine tune your pole skills with our new Pole Fit & Flex class! This class is perfect for all levels and is designed to increase your pole strength and flexiblity while teaching new moves to add to your SEXY POLE ARSENAL! 

Pole Flow *New Class!*

Got Flow? Whether you already have it or seeking to improve it, this is the class for you! Learn how to transition gracefully between your favorite tricks, spins and climbs. Learn how to use pirouettes, backslides, sexy floor work and creative combinations to achieve a smooth and flawless pole performance. All Levels Welcome!

Pole Kitten Camp

Perfect for "newbies" and those who like to take it slow; ease your way into this dance- orientated class, while mastering basic holds and transitions.Basic spins, sexy floor work, and an intro to climbing will be covered. Pole Kitten Camp is guaranteed to unleash your inner pole goddess...

Pole Tricks:(beginner and/or intermediate)

Ready to impress? Summon your inner-diva as you learn climbs, holds, and tricks that are sure to steal the show! Students will take turns executing tricks at the discretion of the instructor.

Note: Prior Pole experience recommended for Intermediate Tricks class.

Sexy Pole Play

Calling all Sexy Pole Goddesses! Want to add some sultry skills to your pole arsenal? Command all the attention with your booty tricks? Or simply play sexy on the pole?  Then this is the class for you. No experience necessary,  this class is good for all levels. Learn simple choreographed pole routines, the basics of pole transitions, floor work, booty pop’N and even Club Go Go style Dancing.  It’s a fun, flirty, sexy class you don’t want to miss

Open Pole Practice

Our doors are open for you to refine your skills, and practice what you’ve learned during classes. Please note there is no instructor during this 60 minute period. Open pole practice is free to Purple Rain Members. There is a $5.00 fee for card holders and $10 fee for non-members.


Joining Purple Rain Pole Fitness is simple and easy. For your convenience we offer multiple ways to sign up for /purchase your Purple Rain class package and unlimited class membership.

In-Person Registration +/-

Drop in or arrange an appointment to meet with one of our friendly staff members to review Purple Rain class program, package and discount options. At purple Rain we are always available to answer questions and provide you with the package that best suits your needs. We accept all forms of payment including cash, check, debit and credit card. Register in person at our Purple Rain Pole Fitness studio located at 3302 north 24th street in Phoenix Arizona (sw corner of 24th street and Osborne).

On-line Registration+/-

Review our Purple Rain program options and register on-line using our secured on line payment system. If you have questions regarding our class program, or need assistance with your on-line registration, contact our friendly Purple Rain staff at 602 374-4879. We are always happy to assist you.

Registration by Phone +/-

Registering for your Purple Rain Classes via phone is simple and easy. Call 602 374-4879 and a Purple Rain representative will guide you through our quick and easy register process for the package of your choice. You will receive an e-confirmation following your phone registration and a copy of your class registration form and receipt will be issued to you upon your initial class visit